About Chicago

The Windy City

Boasting the third largest population in the United States, Chicago’s appeal lies in its diverse cultural neighborhoods, bold architecture, countless tourist attractions, and regional culinary specialties. Aside from the local attractions detailed below, Chicago’s waterfront location and vibrant theater, music, and visual arts venues draw millions of tourists every year.

During ICLASS, you can enjoy the prime seasonal peak for Chicago’s weather and take advantage of its numerous parks, gardens, and outdoor attractions. The Chicago Botanic Gardens, Millennium Park, Morton Arboretum , and the extensive hiking and nature trails attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. As a Lake Michigan thoroughfare, Chicago also has many sand beaches lining its waterfront view. Managed by the Chicago Park District, these beaches are free and open to the public – find more information here. We recommend the North Avenue and Oak Street beaches, which both offer spectacular skyline views, food and beverage service, and many recreational events.

We highly recommend taking advantage of your time in Chicago and visiting its many entertainment, culinary, and educational venues.

From beaches to gardens to outdoor entertainment venues to hiking, biking, and running trails, Chicago offers all the attractions you need for an enjoyable summer vacation.

Chicago Weather

In most years, Chicago in July averages a daily maximum temperature of 27-31 °C (81-87 °F). The minimum temperature usually falls between 16-19 °C (61- 66 °F). July is Chicago's hottest month overall.

For up-to-date information on Chicago weather, please visit www.weather.com

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Local Attractions